Directions to Greenacres during Glastonbury Festival


Driving to Greenacres during the Glastonbury Festival period

Traffic restrictions will be in force during the Festival, aimed at improving the flow of traffic in and around the area. For this reason the following instructions should be followed when arriving at Greenacres during the period 22-25 June.
This will be especially important on the busiest day for traffic - Wednesday 24th June.

** Please DO NOT just follow your satnav. It will definitely lead you to difficulties! **

All guests should approach Greenacres from the A39 Wells <-> Glastonbury road (to the west of the site) and NOT from the A361.
(The A361 runs directly past the Glastonbury festival site and is therefore guaranteed to be heavily congested).

Turn off the A39 at Brownes Garden Centre, approx ½ mile south of Wells. There may be signs at the junction saying "No Access To Glastonbury Festival" - ignore them. 

Follow the signposted route past Launcherley and on to North Wootton village. On reaching North Wootton TAKE CARE! You will reach a T-junction at the bottom of Middles Lane. Other Festival traffic may turn LEFT at this junction, but you need to turn RIGHT towards Greenacres. After turning right, follow along the lane until you reach Greenacres in about 0.6 miles.

Any Stewards should be aware of Greenacres guests, so if challenged, please politely tell them your destination.
Most stewards on duty are our villager neighbours, working as charity volunteers.

Please re-visit this page a few days before the Festival, by which time we will know the details of this year's Festival Traffic Plan.





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