Camp Fires and BBQ's


Camping just isn't the same without the smell of a wood fire, the crackle of kindling twigs and the taste of toasted marshmallows. Who doesn't enjoy sitting around a fire in the evening?

Fire pits and barbecues are welcome at Greenacres providing some simple rules are followed that ensure safety and avoid damage.

They need to be well away from tents / awnings, inside a metal container and raised off the grass to avoid scorching. We provide bricks/blocks if needed.  Fires/BBQs must also be under constant adult supervision whenever hot.

Ashes must be placed in the metal bin provided at the recycling point and NEVER in the plastic waste bins or hedges around the site.
Cutting or otherwise damaging our trees for firewood is strictly forbidden.

We sell logs, kindling and firelighters on site, so no need to overload the car on your way here.  We'll be happy to rent you a fire pit too or even a large charcoal barrel BBQ, big enough for your whole party!

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