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Travel To The Festival


Q: What's the best way to travel to/from the Festival from Greenacres ?


A: It's just over 2 miles from our site to the entrance gate, so we think there are 3 options worth considering...

(a) CYCLES - The festival really encourages people to come by bike and it's our favourite way of getting there too.  Bikes can be left free-of-charge at the excellent, secure bicycle lockup, next to Pedestrian Gate A.
The 2-mile journey from Greenacres to the Festival site is easy and almost completely flat. You will follow signs for the BRONZE gate, via the Hospitality Car Park, and use Pedestrian Gate A (on the West of the Festival site).

Just be aware the country lanes have no street lights, so will be very dark!

We hire bikes here at Greenacres if you don't want to bring your own.
Be sure to reserve your bikes with us as soon as possible, as we always sell-out. 



(b) WALKING - Safer when the Somerset cider takes its toll on your ability to ride a bike! Take a good torch and preferably a high-viz jacket. It takes around 40 minutes to walk in. Crawling home takes considerably longer!

(c) TAXI - We have arrangements with some reliable, local taxi drivers to take Greenacres guests to the Festival. The festival taxi rank is at BRONZE GATE near Steanbow, at the bottom of the lane from Greenacres. 
For your return, taxis are available 24x7 from the Taxi rank. Expect some queues at peak times, but they clear quickly enough.
Why not share a taxi with some of the other Greenacres guests? We'll put up a ride sharing notice board to pin contact notes.
In previous years the journey has cost £10-£15, depending on the time of day/night, but please confirm your fare with the driver.

Walking down and riding back by taxi is the best late night option we think. We have never waited more than a few minutes for a taxi back.

... Oh and in case it's not obvious, going in your own CAR is completely out of the question!
Endless traffic queues and being stuck (literally sometimes) in car parks almost as far away as when you left Greenacres is NOT RECOMMENDED.
Neither is having your car towed away, if you thought you could leave it on the lane, or in someone's gateway. Temporary Clearways are strictly enforced on all approach roads to the Festival.


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