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Glastonbury Festival

Somehow you managed to get a ticket - YAY!! Well done.
OK now it's time to plan the details.

So you're at home imagining the buzz of the world's biggest and best live music event. Glastonbury Festival is big, seriously BIG.

Unfortunately it's also seriously cramped, with very little space available in the camping areas. Your tent guy-ropes will mingle with next door's. Maybe next door-but-one's as well. Snores and other personal noises shouldn't be shared, but ...well... it's cozy!

Now imagine that same excitement and fantastic fun, but with your own tranquil bolt-hole just 2 miles away. Open space, a restful escape to re-charge batteries, take a hot shower whenever you fancy, not to mention the clean, flushing loos.

No need to just imagine. Greenacres Camping offers exactly that space and peace, with the added benefit of some local knowledge too.

The Festival has chosen not to officially recommend any off-site camping (due to problems in previous years with rogue traders). But rest assured, Greenacres has been here since 1976 and provided camping for thousands of festival goers ever since.

We are proud to be the ONLY local campsite to be publicly endorsed by festival organiser Emily Eavis. See HERE for more details

Everybody visiting the festival site enjoys excellent support provided by the festival's Campsite Crew. They are the stewards with the yellow T-shirts (working as volunteers on behalf of a local school or charity group by the way!), busy giving directions and re-uniting lost children with their parents. Following their excellent example, Greenacres guests get top quality support too. We helped co-ordinate Campsite Crew teams at the Festival for many years and have attended for 20 years, so we've learned a thing or two!

To get you in the mood, let's start with a short film by local photographer Jason Bryant to set the scene. Of course the smells, mud and rubbish in the on-site camping areas need not concern Greenacres guests...

We can provide information on the best ways to get there & back, best places to watch, best ways to avoid the traffic, etc.

...and of course you can always be sure of a restful escape back at Greenacres to re-charge your batteries.

More information on travelling to/from the festival HERE


Finally, here's a few memories from the 2019 Festival, courtesy of the people at Travel Bubble...




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