as at Friday 26th June 2020

We are sorry to announce that Greenacres Camping will not be opening during the 2020 season.

The safety of our guests and our own family remains our most important consideration. The virus is still circulating and Covid-19 has the capability to return to hit us even harder second time around. Recent press coverage of beaches, demonstrations and other gatherings shows this isn't over.

The main reason for our decision is that our site is run by our family. If any one of us becomes ill, all of us will need to isolate for 14 days, leaving nobody to run the campsite. That would require immediate closure and disruption to people’s holidays without warning. It’s a risk too far. If we really must disappoint our customers, then we prefer to give them plenty of notice!

We insured against risks like this, but in these strange times, nobody’s insurance is worth the paper it’s printed on.

Our district, Mendip, has the second lowest infection rate in the country. If we invite guests to visit from more badly affected areas, we risk bringing more disease to our local community. Our business is important, but so are the lives of our neighbours.

This decision was not taken lightly. We understand the disappointment it will cause to many families hoping to visit our little green oasis, after months of lockdown. To all those valued customers and friends, we sincerely apologise. It will cause significant hardship to our finances too.

We ask that guests respect and understand our decision and we hope to be able to welcome you back in better times next year. We will re-open at Easter 2021.



We are relying on our wonderful customers to be understanding and supportive at this very worrying time for the camping / touring industry. Greenacres Camping is seriously impacted, completely stopped, so we must do everything we can to ensure that the business survives for better times.
At the same time, we are keen to ensure that customers are treated fairly and don't lose the value of advanced payments they have made for bookings.

If you have a confirmed booking at Greenacres, then the following policy will apply with immediate effect….

BOOKINGS FOR HOLIDAYS (excluding Glastonbury Festival)

We will, on request and without charge, change the date of your stay to ANY other date(s) during our 2021 camping season, subject to availability (excluding the period of Glastonbury Festival 2021). The full value of any payments made will be rolled-forward to your new dates.
This autumn, we will generate a voucher for anyone who has a booking with us and has had their plans disrupted by the pandemic. Those vouchers will be emailed to the person making the booking. They will valid for use for any stay at Greenacres in the 2021 camping season, subject to availability (excluding the period of Glastonbury Festival 2021). Please note that our prices for the 2021 season may need to increase, if our costs increase significantly. We will publish our 2021 pricing in the Autumn and any increases necessary will be kept to a minimum.


We will automatically, unless you tell us otherwise, roll-forward your booking and payment to the corresponding Glastonbury Festival period in 2021. This is in line with the approach taken by the Festival itself, so the good news is that you’ll all have tickets! However, please note that 2021 prices may need to increase, if our costs increase significantly. We will publish our 2021 pricing in the Autumn and any increases necessary will be kept to a minimum.

If this is not convenient, then we will on request and without charge, change the date of your stay to any other date(s) during our 2021 camping season, subject to availability. The full value of any payments made would be transferred to your new dates.
We are delighted to say that, so far, all of our Festival guests contacted have opted to roll-forward to Glastonbury 2021.

Please note that in all cases we are unable to agree to requests for refunds.

We believe the terms outlined are fair to all and comply with our Terms and Conditions of booking. It is neither your fault nor our's that you cannot travel as expected. The Coronavirus outbreak is a force majeure event which is beyond our control. 
Please work with us to make sure that we and other tourism businesses are able to survive this situation.  We really do appreciate your support.

...and when it’s all over, please please come and enjoy our little piece of Somerset specialness next year.

Stay safe,

Duncan & Mary



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