Family camping near Glastonbury, Wells and Shepton Mallet, Somerset, UK

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Easter Egg Hunt

Boy did we have some fun!

A misty but fine Easter Sunday morning began with the Easter Bunny doing a circuit of the campsite on his bike. Bleary-eyed parents looked on wondering if they'd had one too many Somerset ciders the night before! Little ones of course, accepted it as quite matter of fact, as if this happened every day...

Soon a crowd gathered and the Easter Bunny was joined by an circus of other Easter characters. The children divided themselves into small teams and went off in search of Easter Eggs. In double-quick time they returned for their inevitable chocolate reward and a few photos. We then got out the parachute for a bit more fun before all wandering back to our tents, thinking "Did that really happen???"

One of the best mornings of the 2012 season!


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