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    Peppa Pig at GreenacresWelcome to Greenacres 2011. I can’t believe I haven’t updated this blog since last August – that’s terrible! The truth is I have written part of a blog on several occasions since, but never sat down properly to finish one – sorry.

    Anyway we are now well into the Spring camping season and catching breath after a very busy April where the sun shone and shone. Temperatures soared and the grass looked quite parched and crazed, more like August than April. Heavy thunder showers in the last few days have now greened things up again and the grass, which had almost stopped growing, is suddenly several inches tall.


    This year we had a “double header” of Easter and the Royal Wedding/May Day on consecutive weekends, which meant a very busy time and the “Site Full” sign making its first appearance of the year. For the wedding we set up our “Chicken Shed TV” big projection screen last seen during the World Cup. Thankfully the result in London was better than the one in South Africa! Communal BBQ’s later in the day gave that Street Party feel, although it was very breezy.

    The "Greenacres Team" has increased sharply in the past few weeks with the addition of some new animals. This year the lambs arrived four weeks later than in 2010 and we were starting to fear we might miss out. There was no need for concern – 7 little bouncing balls of wool duly arrived and (touch wood) all survived. So this year’s flock are... William, Harry, Lulu, Bugsy, John, Edward (the twins) and our little black lamb Lenny (the cutest of them all). I have to point out that naming is the sole responsibility of our girls! After 4 weeks along the lane at the farm the lambs are now enjoying their new home in the paddock by the campsite, where they will be entertaining the children for the next few months.

    You want EGGS?We have another new flock too in the shape of ten Rhode-Rock chickens. Last year our four feathered “ladies” were daily visitors to the campsite, scrounging bread and laying some very tasty eggs. They had a great summer season, but when the weather turned nasty so did the local fox. One by one the chickens disappeared until we had none left. This time around we have a big new fox-proof enclosure where the chickens will hopefully be able to over-winter in safety. We bought them “point of lay” about 6 months old. Most of them are already laying lovely large brown eggs and spending their days scratching for worms in our garden. It won’t be long before they realise that the tastiest scraps are across the lane! Their names? Jean, Vi, Joanne, Pauleen, Arlette, Jennie, Claire, Joyce, Cathryn and Caroline. Any similarity with the names of some of our regular guests is pure coincidence :-)

    Finally I need to introduce the greediest new members of the Greenacres family. In late March three little Gloucestershire Old Spot weaners (young piglets just weaned from their mother) arrived and moved in to their new “pig pod”. Peppa, George and Wilbur took less than 2 days to clear all the vegetation from their pen. They love to laze in the shade of the trees all day until it’s time to hoover-up their pile of vegetable trimmings or a good scratch behind the ears is on offer. They have almost doubled in weight already. In many ways they’re like boisterous puppies, trying so hard to win your attention, but completely crackers and VERY funny.

    Here’s hoping there isn’t too much mud for them to wallow in this summer...


    Best wishes,




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