Family camping near Glastonbury, Wells and Shepton Mallet, Somerset, UK

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    Oswald Bailey Staff Camping at GreenacresWhen leading camping equipment retailer Oswald Bailey Ltd wanted to give their staff firsthand experience of camping, they chose Greenacres to host the event.

    The 3-day camping event at Greenacres was organised by the company HR Manager Rachael Williams. Around 50 store staff enjoyed a night under canvas, with a gourmet barbecue and organic breakfast provided by local farm producer Brown Cow Organics. This was followed by a countryside hike through Wookey Hole and the beautiful Ebbor Gorge. The weather was cold, but stayed mainly dry for the event and everyone lived to tell the tale.

    Spectacular, vivid pink sunsets over Glastonbury Tor, the sound of owls, the ever-present swallows and a pair of territorial robins scrapping within a few feet of the barbecue, all added to the countryside feel.

    Rachael said the event was a big success and commented “The site is so lovely, it was perfect for us and there’s so much to do around here”.

    Oswald Bailey have been in business for over 100 years and have more than 120 employees working in 20 shops throughout southern England and the Midlands. They also have an online store at

  • ... don't forget the chickens!

    The Greenacres "Security Patrol" wander round the camp site all day, dodging the chasing children. You'll see them scratching for worms and beetles, only returning back across the lane to lay an egg or at bedtime.

    This is free-range at its best and you might be lucky enough to sample their eggs if we have any spare!


    It really wasn't my fault, but when I was born there was a huge wart growing on my nose.

    My mother was not impressed and refused to feed me, how unkind !

    Luckily I was able to join the group of lambs being hand-reared at Barrow Farm, otherwise I would never have been famous!

    It's fair to say that the girls at the farm were running out of names when they got to me. They took one look at my nose and said "UGLY BETTY" !! Well we can't all be beauty queens, can we?

    The good news is that within a couple of weeks the wart went away, so now I'm just plain BETTY.

    Even if I'm never going to be the prettiest, I decided quite early that I would be the FRIENDLIEST lamb around. I'm usually the first to say hello to the children on the camp site and I really love to be stroked and to nibble little fingers.



    Hello I am BAMBI,
    but I haven't a clue who gave me that name.

    Don't call me cute, don't try and cuddle me, in fact don't even try to stroke me.... UNLESS I SAY SO !!

    I guess I'm a bit of a loner. Nobody understands me. I get moody sometimes, but that's a lady's privilege isn't it? I was a triplet and my mother chose to keep the other two, so is it any wonder I'm like I am?

    The day we came along the lane to Greenacres I was so excited I nearly jumped out of our transport. Luckily Tina and Mary were on hand to calm me down, although we must all have looked rather odd!

    It took me more time than the others to get used to being at Greenacres and I had a rough few days when I had my injection recently. Anyway that's all in the past and I have decided to be a bit more sociable from now on.

    You can recognise me by my fine looks and thin face. Just be nice to me and I might let you close. Just don't push your luck..


    I'm LARRY,  the biggest. boldest, brashest and bravest lamb at Greenacres, make that in Somerset, maybe even the whole world!


    Somewhere I have twin brothers, but my mother could only feed 2 lambs so I needed to be bottle-fed.

    "Orphan triplets", as we're sometimes called, are usually smaller and slower-growing than lambs that stay with their mother ewes, well nobody told me. I'M HUGE!


    I'm the only boy in the Greenacres flock so it's up to me to look after the others. But they had better not mind about me stealing some of their milk. You see, when I'm hungry I can sometimes get a bit ratty and I like to barge the others out of the way to get to the bottles first.

    But soon I won't be drinking bottled milk any more; now I eat grass and special lamb pellets called "creep" that has all the goodness I need to get even bigger.


    OK sometimes I can get pushy, but underneath I'm just a big softy and I really like my chin tickling.





    My name is Sophie and I am the youngest of the Greenacres lambs.


    I was born on a local farm in the last week of March this year and spent the first few days with my mum in the fields. But unfortunately she died soon afterwards, leaving me alone.


    I moved to Barrow Farm the next day and joined my adopted brothers and sisters, being bottle-fed. I was quite poorly for a few days, but soon I got stronger and started to grow.


    We all moved along the lane to Greenacres on 23rd April.


    I may be the smallest, but I often make the most noise!!

    My favourite trick is catching midges in the evening. I jump high in the air - it's really funny to watch me - because I often persuade the others to do the same.


    Alice is my special friend at Greenacres. She usually is the one that bottle feeds me and gives me the most cuddles.



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