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  • 14-Sep-09 In the house at last!


    In the house at last

    House outside
    We finally made it!

    A year after we first started planning our house rebuild with the architect we actually moved-in for the first time last weekend. Don’t get me wrong, we love camping, but 5 months in the caravan was more than enough for anyone. Now we have space in abundance, power showers and amazing views all around. We still have some builders around the place finishing-off, but hopefully we will persuade them to leave eventually

    The last couple of weeks have been hard-going,  getting carpets, curtains and kitchen units all fitted while still running the camp site. Our guests have been very understanding – we were hoping for a quiet weekend for the move itself, but the sun shone better than it has for many weeks. Ah well, we can’t complain. I’m a total convert to the benefits of solar panels for hot water. Every night we have a big tank full of piping hot water – enough for several showers or a couple of baths at least – all for free. The Velux system we chose looks great too as it sits within the roof tiles and matches the loft windows in the bedrooms.  It came as a complete kit with a huge cylinder, all the controls and all the pipes included.

    The days are getting shorter and the  first leaves are starting to fall. The “Site Full” sign, in daily use throughout July and August, has gone back in the shed until next year. The grass is starting to grow back on the well-used pitches and we have the first booking enquiries for the 2010 season. Harvest time is always a time to reflect with thanks on our good fortune, to re-group and make plans to do even better next year. We have a long list of things we’d like to do, but after major investment this year we will need to put them in order of priority.

    At the end of the school holidays we said farewell to Jason and Judith and the Brown Cow Organics mobile shop for this season. Unlike our resident swallows they won’t be flying south for the winter, but we do expect them to return next spring! Those who enjoyed their steaks this summer can still buy online for home delivery at

    Now is the time to install the “Swallow Cam” so that people can watch next year’s chicks. Wireless internet should hopefully be installed on the site too, right after I finish fitting the curtain poles and Velux blinds!

    Best of all we’ve met some lovely people and made many new friends. We’ve really appreciated all the kind messages and feedback from those who’ve enjoyed their stay with us. It will seem strangely quiet without the constant buzz of people arriving and phone calls, but we’re ready for a rest and some quality time with the family.

    Best wishes,



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