Family camping near Glastonbury, Wells and Shepton Mallet, Somerset, UK

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    Greenacres camping wildlifeA sparrow's nest provided entertainment for many of our guests during the busy May Day Bank Holiday weekend. Suspended low-down in one of the Poplar trees that line the campsite entrance, campers could clearly spot a peeping pair of eyes, just a few feet from the ground.

    Well the good news is that this morning the nest's tiny resident zoomed off safely into the sky. He or she might only be a couple of inches in size, but flying is not a problem. We'll keep an eye on the nest (from a distance of course) to see if there are any brothers or sisters.

    Meanwhile the cows in the next field didn't provide the hoped-for event during the holiday weekend. The field is used as a nursery area by Nick, our farmer/neighbour, so all the cows in there are heavily expectant. But as we all know babies arrive when they are ready. Less than 2 hours after the last of our weekend campers left the field, out popped a little brown bull calf, with a bit of help from Nick's rope. The little fellow is taking his first cautious steps around the field this morning, completely unaware that his late arrival disappointed so many of our guests Laughing

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