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    Crow's nestOur contractors are not the only ones who've been busy building at Greenacres this week.

    A pair of crows have taken a fancy to the trees behind the house and decided to build their nest high up in the treetops. They have been busy hauling sticks and leaves up there in their beaks all week. A third crow has been looking-on, no doubt waiting for his chance to muscle-in later.

    The only problem is that the new nest is just a few yards from where our new bedroom will be, so some early morning noise might be on the way.

    Oh goody !!


  • March Madness - 16 March 09


    March Madness

    The first sunshine of spring reminds us that the “Closed” sign on the gate at Greenacres will soon be coming down. We still have much to do preparing for the season ahead, but one by one the list of jobs gets smaller. The ride-on mower made its debut appearance last weekend – the first cut of the season always takes the longest and Mary, Rebecca and I all took turns at the wheel before the job was complete, many hours later. But wow – what a difference! Suddenly the place looks spectacularly beautiful, ready for all the games of rounders and cricket ahead.


    Mind you our rabbits are doing their best to change that, digging new burrows wherever they can. Underneath the big slide in the children’s play area is “rabbit central”. It’s amazing how all of a sudden they seem happy to have noisy people around. All winter, as soon as we’ve set foot on the camp site, the rabbits have made a beeline for the nearest hedge. But now they simply sit there without a care, nibbling and watching our antics on the mower. Meanwhile the robins hop about confidently, all year round. This week I met two of our resident robins for the first time – as I mowed pitch numbers 4 and 27. Both were fiercely guarding their territories, seeing-off the big red tractor.


    We actually had a trial run with “live” campers last Saturday – a small group of Duke of Edinburgh students from a local school paid us a visit, so we opened specially for them. It was great to see tents on the field and children playing football. They are returning in September, so I think we did OK.


    Plumbing work in the shower block is complete; this will hopefully mean a few less drips and leaks in the months ahead. Also the new washing-up sink is finally all piped-up and ready to go. Last week we poured the concrete base for the new shed that will be housing the fridges and freezers, next to the shower block on the site itself. The plan is to remove the need to walk across the road for your bacon and milk – and they will be on hand 24/7. The shed itself is still one giant Meccano set – we’re hoping for some more fine and still weather next week to get that built.


    We’re also only a few days away from the new electricity supply being installed. The Highways licence for the works on the road arrived in mid-week, so next Saturday morning at 06:00 hrs the digger will start gouging a trench through the lane outside, signalling a few days of digging, cabling and I expect scratching of heads along the way.


    Our house now looks like the dark side of the moon – it’s time to be calm and trust that our builders know what they’re doing – I’m sure they do. 36 cubic meters of concrete have gone into various holes in the ground recently; with not much to see for it, but the outline of rooms is now beginning to take shape and a good bout of bricklaying next week will make a dramatic difference. Thankfully all the banging and heavy machinery hasn’t put off the birds though – the woodpecker, which thanks to the RSPB web site I now know to be a Greater Spotted Woodpecker, still comes knocking (sorry!).

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