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    Birds and Builders


    All Systems Go!  So much has happened since the last blog that it’s been really difficult to know when to write this next instalment.

    At the beginning of February it snowed for a week. Schools closed and the kids loved it – over a foot of snow on the ground in villages close by. But while the country turned white, hardly any snow fell at Greenacres which remained, well, green.  That really peeved our youngsters. They were looking forward to playing in the snow with their quad bikes on the campsite. It demonstrates that we have a milder micro-climate than our neighbours, hopefully that will pay dividends in the summer months.

    The following week the builders arrived to start work on the house, so we decided to go away for a few days. What a difference when we got back! Ceilings were all ripped out, the upstairs gone completely, skip after skip was filled and carted away. We had holes where there were walls, we had space where there was clutter. But unlike the TV show, our architect resisted the temptation to spray it all white.

    One thing stood out though – in the garden all the bird feeders were filled with nuts & seeds and a dish of water put out as a bird bath, which wasn’t there before. Even in the midst of such frenzied destruction, the local wildlife had cast a charm on our builders. John and Liam started telling me about woodpeckers, robins and looking after hordes of Great tits & Blue tits. I think that’s what they said. Some people might have a problem with paying builders to feed the birds, but working in sympathy with nature is exactly what we’re about, and I actually don’t think they had any choice. There is definitely something magical about the place. Just don’t tell their mates.

    Our biggest problem is what to do about the swallows’ nests, before they return in the spring to find themselves homeless. There were two nests in a lean-to next to the garage, which had to be demolished. I’m sure the swallows will sort themselves out, but a little help from us won’t go amiss either. I’ll be browsing the web to see what we might do – anyone with good ideas please mail me. Don’t worry, all the nests over on the campsite are untouched and ready to move into, so we will have swallows come the spring.

    Plans are now well advanced for the upgrade of the camp site electrics. This will take place towards the end of March, just before we open. It’s a mammoth job with an equally mammoth price tag, but if we are to have a reliable power supply and increase the number of electric hookups, it has to be done.

    So we are busy balancing our lives around choosing kitchen units, discussing the sizes of lintels and fire escape windows, and dealing with a steady flow of bookings for the season ahead. That’s the nice part of the job – helping people make plans for their holidays and hearing about the excellent reviews that are in circulation. It’s part of getting to know you all. We even had one enquiry for summer 2010, for a wedding. I’m delighted and modestly surprised to hear feedback that people are actually reading this blog and enjoying it. Anything which helps connect us all to the magic of the Glastonbury area has to be a good thing, but thanks all the same.

    Best wishes,


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